Steam Locomotive No. 844        page4            2011

This is a better shot of the rear set of wheels and notice the leaf springs above them.



Here is the tender car which is right behind the engine and when fully loaded it weighs in at over 421,000 pounds. The tender car is where all the fuel is stored which means two different types. Obviously one of them is water and lots of it because after all this is a steam engine. The amount of water that No. 844 holds is 23,500 gallons. The second fuel used could be wood or coal and in this case it's 6,200 gallons of oil. Burning the oil then heats the water converting it into steam which creates power to move the pistons.



At the end of the tender car is where you can view how much water is left in the tank.



Let's go take a look inside the cab to get an idea of what it was like to drive one of these bad boys.



Inside is very roomy with two seats across from one another with the other one right below me out of view. The chair that you see here is the engineers seat which is always on the right side in the U.S. Behind that big silver looking thing is where the fire box is located. 



There sure are a lot of valves inside here which are clearly marked with red handles that are at eye level.



Looking farther down you're able to see the entire firebox along with two important controls. The lower knob is for fuel (oil) atomization and the lever is for how much fuel is delivered which the fireman would adjust.


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