Grand Canyon 3         June 2002

 This old train wasn't in use anymore but it sure is cool looking.




 I know this isn't the most exciting picture here but the shear size of the wheels are massive.



This is looking down between the two wheels. I know it's hard to tell here but the diameter is over 12". Now that's a big axle!!



Here is the train we rode. There are about 14 to 15 cars on this train and only three to four of them had air conditioning. If you want a car with air you have to upgrade to get it. I'm sure glad we had one because it was hot that day. 



This was taken out the window on our way up. If you look close you can see the cars up front that don't have air. If you ride this train in the summer time, gotta get the ones that are cool inside. 



There were tons of room between seats, had adjustable foot rest's, pullout food trays and the seats reclined. They also serve you snacks, drinks like sodas and water but when your on the return trip back down, out comes the champagne. You don't get that if you don't upgrade though. What else could you ask for.....well a food car only three cars up of coarse.



Here is one of the first things you see upon arrival. Next stop, overlooking the big hole in the ground.


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