Culinary School Presidential 4          2008        

Here is Tracey's exotic menu. As you can see, each item has a theme from a Disney movie and I'll have to say, it looks pretty cool. 



Let's backup for a minute and I'll explain how the menu above came to be. What the students were told to do was come up with a list of food they wanted to cook, then make a menu of it and once that was finished, turn in everything to the chef and have him approve it.

Below is what Tracey came up with and only had to change a couple of minor things to make her dream menu come true.


The ideas Behind the Dishes

California cuisine is all about what is fresh and local. And that is exactly what my menu has in every dish.

My opener follows the rules of being colorful, flavorful and is completely vegetarian, will be served warm, and in 3oz portions.
Ingredients will be fresh, and as local as possible to California such as the Roma tomatoes, summer squash and zucchini.
Ratatouille may have originated in the present area of Nice, and was served as a stew, but my rendition will be a bit more modern, and still following the California Cuisine style.
The Disney mix is from the recent Pixar Movie.

Sebastian’s Stuffed Crab Salad 
The stuffed crab salad uses California farmed Dungeness crab from a central or northern California fishery, and stuffed with ingredients local to California, fresh avocados, tomatoes, and California freshwater Shrimp.
This dish will be served cold, with the whole crab shell included for presentation purposes, and inside a martini or brandy glass, with a single shrimp on the rim of the glass, aside a bed of bibb lettuce and with a crunchy candied almond garnish, fresh oranges and a honey almond vinaigrette. 4 oz per portion
Comes from the Disney movie The Little Mermaid.

Snow White’s Apple Sorbet
Simplified intermezzo, tart, not too sweet, hopefully made with Pink Lady apples, from the Cripps Pink variety. It is the only apple in California harvested this time of the year, and the goal will be obtaining these.
Will be served semi frozen, in a spoon, about 1 1/4 oz, or a 40 scoop.
Comes from Snow White’s poisoned apple, but minus the word poisoned in the menu.

Lady and the Tramp
Tricky as it was, I believe I have conquered making a white tablecloth version of the spaghetti and meatballs portrayed in Disney’s Lady and the Tramp.
Imagine this, hand made egg pasta with a hint of basil, wrapped in a Northern California heirloom tomato sauce, topped with balsamic glazed steamed broccoli, chiffanade of basil, and topped with fresh parmesan cheese.
The meatballs, designed as an intricate forcemeat made solely from a flank steak, and pork fat. Pounded on the outside perimeter, ground in the middle, and a garnish display of a Mickey head in the center, made up of 3 rounded out pieces of flank, placed strategically inside the forcemeat. Sliced to 1.5 oz potions, and served 3 to a plate, for a total weight of a 9oz entrée. (See image for details) 
Will also be served with a non-alcoholic red wine, from San Jose, Ca, called Ariel. Again, how perfect, Ariel is the name of the Little Mermaid. Each place setting will include two wine glasses, one red wine for the entrée, and one white wine for the dessert plate.  

Pirate Chocolate Rum Mousse
Argh ye maties, ahoy be thy Caribbean Pirate rum chocolate mousse, savvy? Piped as a mound of hidden pirate treasure, and topped with golden candies portraying pirate gold. Behind is a tuile cookie shaped as the Disneyland castle, and a very small chocolate Mickey truffle, with a side of chocolate crème anglaise. What better way to end your day than with a devilishly chocolate dessert, at 3oz per plate.
Served with the white Ariel non alcoholic wine.

Hunny Bread
No, that is not misspelled, that is the way that Winnie the Pooh spells honey. The finest in natural and organic gourmet honeys from the mountains, valleys, seacoasts and back yards of the San Francisco Bay Area.
Served with a compound hunny butter and wait till you see what the butters look like.

 Total food served is 20.25 ounces.


When I first saw this whole idea of a Disney theme, I had my doubts, but once I sat down at the table and began eating, I could see her ideas unfolding into reality.

To start things off with was her Ratatouille, which consisted of Roma tomatoes, summer squash, eggplant and zucchini. This was served warm and the first thing I thought of was, what did I get myself into. Well I'm happy to say that it tasted great. Now I'm not really a big squash eater so whatever she did, really turned out good.


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