Culinary School Presidential 2          2008        

Here is Orlando's which is really a nice place. This dinning area, which is setup like a restaurant is divided into two separate rooms, which can accommodate a total of about 60 to 70 people. With windows between the walls of the kitchen and dinning area, youíre able to watch all the cooks in action while they make your food. And Orlandoís serves lunch to the public on a daily basis for a small fee. Come to find out, most culinary schools do this, so if you ever wanted a really nice lunch for about half the price, visit one of these types of schools. That door to the right is one of two and are between the kitchen and the dinning area. This one is for people leaving the kitchen only.



Orlando's also has a bar but they don't serve alcohol, at least not at lunch time.



Right outside in the hallway is this food sculpture that is made of mostly sugar. The picture really doesn't do it justice and is truly amazing.



One of the things Tracey wanted to do on Thursday night was for the whole family to go out to dinner, at a place that she called, "fun". Apparently she went to this restaurant with some friends a few weeks prior and really liked it, but told me to keep an open mind about the place. With that being said, I was becoming skeptical.

This "fun" place had Moroccan food, (which I've never had) and from the outside it really looked like a dump (no kidding) and now I was wondering why she would ever stop a place that looked this bad. With only two cars parked outside and paint peeling from the building, I really had my doubts about this place. Once you were inside, the main seating was in room that looked like you were inside a tent, but was really rectangular.



When we walked into the seating area, only two couples were in the place (not a good sign) and the tables were only 16 to 18 inches from the floor. There was seating around the perimeter of the room against the walls, but with the six people that we had in our party, some of us had to sit on floor with pillows (both of my daughters and myself). And if you look close, mine had stuffing coming out of it.

Almost everything on the menu was the same price and was a five coarse meal. Now Iíve only had meals like this once or twice in my life so this was very different for me. This main room had some kind of cloth that draped from the ceiling down onto the walls that ran down them about two feet. And it felt like I should be watching some kind of dancing girls at any moment. To make a long story longer, the food was excellent, everyone cleaned their plates and Iíll have to say, it was fun just like she said. But we did find out that if you asked the waiter anything at all, you were in for a long conversation so by the end of night, nobody said anything to the guy.


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