Culinary School Presidential 3          2008        

The next morning we all woke up early and were ready to go eat. Tracey told us to arrive early so we were at her school by 11:00 am. even though lunch would be served half an hour later. Here is the entrance to the dinning area.



This menu (which was right outside the double doors) shows which four students will be on the hot plate and what they will be serving. Now lets take a look inside.



Here is our table. I liked the contrast between the red, white and black colors along with the cool looking menus (I'll show you more about them later).

I've never seen so many eating utensils before and I had to ask what the spoon at the top was for. In case you're wondering yourself, it's for desert.

Each table had their own server that brought out your meals and drinks (to your table only). The school has all the students that are in their 3rd semester do this and are graded on it too. Tracey had to perform this duty last semester which requires them to do all the setup, serving and cleanup. And they do this by getting their instructions from the student that is cooking that day. This means they'll need to do a good job or they won't get a good grade.



This is a close-up of the candles and flower that was under a large glass dome. Very elegant.



This table had nobody sitting at it and was just behind us. I like the red roses along with the red candles.


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