33 Coupe Adjusting and Tweaking 1        2/08/06

I've been driving the car around now for the last two months and to say the least, I've been having a great time. I've put over100 miles on it and can't wait to put on more. When you build a car from scratch, your going to have a few adjustments and tweaks that need to be done because there's no way to get everything just right the first time so this is a process that most people, if not everyone that builds a car, has to go through.

One of the things that had to be adjusted right away was the idle on the carburetor. The engine idles just fine while it's in the garage but when your stopped at a red light, the engine wanted to idle down a ways. The reason for this is because I have a mild stall torque converter (3200 RPM) that the engine wants to try to fight. The quick cure for this was to crank up the idle a little which was easy. Now that the idle is up, I have to apply the brakes harder when I'm at a stop light or a stop sign. I've tried putting the transmission in neutral (which works great) but I don't want to do that every time I stop. This is just something I'll have to get use too. 

Speaking of the carburetor, I need to tweak on it a little more than just turning up the idle. What needs to be done is for me to optimize the way it responds when I hit the pedal. It has a slight bog as soon as the throttle opens so it's time to break out the vacuum gage and do some adjusting. 

One of the other things that needs to be addressed is the 4-link suspension. The reason is because when I'm going through the gears, the car wants to dance around instead of going straight. I never adjusted this when I put the car back together so this will have to be checked out. The last thing I need is me to wreck the car. I have to say though, it sure is fun steering it when I'm on the gas but I can feel it wanting to get away from me.

The front end still needs an alignment but the car seems to go down the road really straight. It doesn't follow cracks in the road or dart around at all, and it handles great so I must have gotten it close but it will still need to be aligned soon.

The transmission still needs tweaking a little too. I want the shifts between gears to be quicker when I'm up on the RPM but this is adjustable through the computer that controls the transmission. I need to do this adjustment while I'm driving so I need a passenger to help me out that knows how to push a few buttons. Do I here any volunteers?

Other than those minor things, the car is so much fun to drive. It's hard not to whack the throttle when your in it but when you do, your adrenaline kicks in which makes for a fun ride.


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