33 Coupe Paint 1        6/22/05

It's Bright Orange!!

After sitting in my garage for over two years, my chassis finally has paint on it. The paint is made by House of Kolor and the color is called Tangelo Pearl. It looks awesome in the sun because it changes colors from light to dark depending on what angle your looking at it. I'll be doing a full right-up on the paint process when the body gets painted including all the steps it takes along the way. Bart did a great job on painting the chassis and it took much more paint than I expected. To do the chassis, rear-end, and some misc. pieces, he used one gallon of paint. It's like painting a fence as there's a lot of material lost while your spaying. To say the least, I'm very happy with how it came out.



Bart had a chain hooked to the 4-link brackets while he was painting the rear-end so I took advantage of it and used my engine hoist to lift it out of my truck. I then placed it on one of my wheel dollies to move it around easier which worked out good. Before I unloaded it, I wanted to see what it looked like in the sun because the back has a nice smooth rounded surface to look at and I wasn't disappointed in what I saw. Hot damn does it look cool!! If this small surface looks this good, I cant' wait to see how the whole car looks. 



The first thing I did was run a tap through all the threaded holes to remove any paint that ended up in them. I didn't have Bart mask any of them which made his job easier. There are a few different sizes that range from 3/8" (which is what you see here) too 10-32 (brake line clamps) that received this treatment. Once I had all the holes done, I started assembling the front suspension. Once that was finished, I worked my way to the rear of the car.



One of the things I like is a little contrast so I made a new push-rod for the brake system. The new push-rod is made out of 5/8" diameter stainless steel and has been drilled almost all the way through with a 5/16" drill to lighten it up some. The end that goes into the master cylinder has a 1/4-20 thread in it for a bolt that enters the end of the cylinder.


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