June thru December  2007

33 Coupe Having Fun 1       6/07/07

As you might have noticed, I've split the 2007 season into two sections because it was getting pretty large (and it makes my life a little easier).

On June 2nd, the second annual Cherry Fest Custom Car and Bike show was held at Stewart Park in Beaumont. This show is by far the closest one to my house as it's only five miles away. All the proceeds went to the Beaumont Kiwanis Club. Everyone that entered a car or bike received a goodie-bag, which included a T-shirt (any size you wanted), a meal ticket (cheeseburger, chips and cold drink) and a bunch of other small stuff. 

Setup time for this show was from 8 to 10am and we arrived around 7:45 to get a good parking spot. The show hours ran from 10 to 2pm and the weather was very nice this year. Last year was unseasonably cold but that couldn't be said this time. 

This show brought in a few cars that I've never seen before (which is always a welcome site) and a bunch of local cars as well. This show also had a nice big raffle, a live band (that was pretty good) and a few vendors selling stuff. 

The local newspaper, "The Record Gazette" wrote an article about the show and took a few of pictures too. Our car ended up on the front page and once I found that out, I had to run down and buy a few more copies. 

To start things off with is this 1929 Ford that was looking very good.



This 1932 Ford Tudor is unique. First, check out the wild looking exhaust along with the big skull on top of those two carbs sitting on that Chevy big block. Also notice the flames that are going towards the front. The car is named "Backdraft" and is a real eye catcher.



This Chevy pickup is very clean and has been in the area for many years. If you look close, you can see a plaque in front of the battery that represents an old car club. 



Here is a close-up of the plaque. This car club was from many years ago and most of the original members are gone now but some of the guys are still around.



A 1923 Model T with a small block Chevy and an automatic trans.



Here is a nice clean Ford Ranchero that has a small block Ford for power. This car had a lot of detail and looked very good.


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