Gun Vise  2            02-2015

When opened, it supports one end of my cleaning rod. The channel is 3/8" wide by 1" long and is made out of aluminum. The hinge has been machined out of a solid piece of aluminum, which was fun to make.



You can see the hinge better in this shot. The top arrow is pointing to a 1/4" diameter X 1/16" thick magnet and the bottom arrow is pointing to a 1/8" diameter steel pin, which helps keep things closed when not in use.



To hold the stock without scratching it, I covered the round clamping surface with leather. And the round clamping surface turns independent of the knob to make sure it doesn't spin when it come in contact with the gun stock. The way I did that was turn down the threaded end to .250 diameter X .250 long. I added a small groove near the end and used a snap-ring to keep it in place. If you look close you can see a small round area in the leather which has a .600 diameter pocket behind it.

The round piece between the two knobs is where a gun stock can rest. It's been covered with leather and is removable. Note the round groove in the stock support to the right, this is where the other end of the cleaning rod will rest.



This piece has two dowel pins to slip fit into the base for easy alignment. I made this piece removable in case I had a gun stock that needed more clearance. These pockets should come in handy for small parts and the large ones are able to hold the bolt from a rifle.



I made feet for the bottom and added some rubber washers for grip and they won't scratch the surface it's sitting on. The rubber is held in place with epoxy.



All the feet are adjustable with 10-32 studs that thread into 1/2 long X 5/16 diameter aluminum inserts, which are pressed in.



The slot in the stock support was made with a 3/8" ball end mill and has a slight angle so the rod locates along the entire surface. The rod angle changes when the V block is in different positions of course but the angle I came up with works with my firearms.



The clear finish I used is a semi gloss made by Zar and is their 'Ultra Polyurethane'. It's an oil base product and I applied two coats with a brush. After talking with a Zar rep, they told me this product was there hardest drying and most resistant finish they sold. It was very easy to apply and should take a few drops of gun cleaning solvent if I spill some. I'm very happy with the results and will use it again on other projects.



My brass cleaning rod ready to use and resting in place.



The overall size is 34" X 7" X 3/4" thick. This project was fun to make and I should get years of use from it.


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