Gun Vise  1            02-2015

Here is my new gun vise which is much different than my old one. The species I used were black walnut and maple which has a nice contrast together. Let's go over all the details that I incorporated into it.



This end will be used to clamp the gun stock and it's adjustable. I can move it anywhere along the T track by loosening two knobs (one is out of view). To make sure the gun stock doesn't get scratched, I used some scrap leather pieces leftover from my hot rod interior. All of the knobs are made out of 6061-T6 aluminum and I used a medium knurl to help grip them.



The opposite end is adjustable as well. The knob on the left lets me move both pieces together and the one on the right allows me to move the large V block up and down the ramp. Notice the V block is near the base in this shot.



Here you can see the V block is at the top of the ramp to accommodate different height and size firearms in case the need arises.



Here a better view of the T track used for the V block to slide on.



The piece in the center slides along the T track and does a couple of things. The rounded end sits 3" high and can be used to place a stock on and the soft leather will help protect the wood when rested on. The other end has a small V block which is adjustable too.



Here you can see it slides on a T track and can adjust a total of two inches. These knobs are slightly smaller in diameter than the others for clearance.



 The V block has been lined with leather and is flush with all the edges.



Changing from horizontal to vertical is preformed by removing one knob. Notice the slot here, this enables me to slide the V block side-to-side to accommodate different types of guns. The height ranges from 5 to 7 inches.



In this configuration it should make working on handguns much easier.



What you see here is something I dreamed up after I put the pockets in the V block. It's a place to put my cleaning rod while cleaning them. Note the finger notch, this piece hinges open.


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