Gary Lambert Memorial  8       10/14/06

Gary had a lot of fans and not just grownups either. He always had time to give someone a lasting memory, like you see here with these two kids.



Always the clown as you can see here. Gary would put this fake nose on and look at people, while he was driving too. He got some wild looks that's for sure.



Here's the master at work turning wrenches in the pits before a run. The Anglia would sometimes require a little work after making a pass down the track. That's because the front end would be so high after leaving the starting line, he would have to be careful not to get out of the gas to fast and have the car slam back down. Gary later added some wheelie bars so he didn't have to worry about crushing the oil pan or bending anymore sheet metal. 



Car Show

This is at a car show in Yucaipa, Ca. that we were at in May 2006. We both won awards that day so this was a good day for all of us. My wife Terri is on the left, me in the center and Gary on the right.


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