33 Coupe Steering Column 1        11/2/03

The steering column was something I had to put in before I could finish the drivers side headers so when I finished the passenger side, I bought the column, column shaft, U-joints and most of the supports that go along with it. I had to first determine how long of a steering column to buy so I mocked it up. Here I am sitting in a fold-up chair with a piece of electrical conduit for a column and a lid to a five gallon container for a steering wheel. Now this fold-up chair is about the right height believe it or not so it gave me the right placement for determining the correct length of a column to buy. 



To start things off, this is a 3 1/2" column drop made by Billet Specialties. This is what supports the front of the steering column (near the driver). As you can see, it's hinged so you can angle it to accommodate just about whatever you need. This unit bolts up with two 1/4-20 bolts to the underside of the dash.



This is my dash extender that bolts to the bottom of my dash. It's about 4" high and runs the full length of the dash. The area you see recessed it where the steering column will be going. This area will be cut out to make room for the column drop.



Here you can see where the column is going to go. The blue tape on the firewall has been marked and is where the column will go through after a 2" hole has been cut. The brake pedal is in a good location right now but I might move it a little to the left after the throttle pedal is installed so we'll have to see when things are finished.



I started with a 1" diameter hole and then worked it out from there. I had pre-marked the area to be cut with a marker and then I used an air grinder with a carbide burr to finish it up.


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