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33 Coupe Having Fun 1       2/13/07

It's the beginning of a brand new year and another car show season as well. We had a great time last year attending many car shows and hope to have an even better one this year. 

Car show season in So. Ca. seems to go on-and-on because of the nice weather that we usually have. This past weekend was no exception because the weather was unbelievably nice as the temp was about 78 degrees with no wind or clouds at all. This made for a great turnout for the annual Old Farts Racing Team Of So. Cal. car show held at Castle Park in Riverside. This show is about 50 miles from my house and they had 240 cars show up, which seems to be getting larger every year. I heard talk that they might have to limit how many cars they let in next year because of the amount of space they are allowed to use. 

Now this isn't the first car show I tried to attend this year because a couple of weeks ago, Larry and I were all ready to go and then the one thing you don't want to have happen, just had to happen....my car wouldn't start. Here's what happened, I started the car and pulled it out of the garage but it cranked very slow. Once I had pulled out of the garage and up the the front of the house, I shut it off while I was waiting for Larry to show up. When Larry was at the house, we talked for a few minutes and then I jumped in the car and turned the key. All I heard was the clicking of a starter solenoid in place of engine running. Well that sucked, but at least it happened at my house instead of the gas station that we were headed too. All I could do was tell Larry to have fun while I dug out the battery charger and a long extension cord. It was just one of those days!!

Larry, Terri and I showed up about 25 minutes early to the Castle Park show which ran from 10am to 3pm on Saturday, February 3. One of the things they give you after signing up is two tickets to the Park, but we gave them both to Larry's grandkids that arrived a couple of hours later. Larry has three grandkids so mom and the kids all went and had a good time riding all the rides. 

We ended up parking near the back of the show because most of the people had arrived hours earlier but we ended up with a decent spot. The show is held in one of their parking lots that has no shade and as a result, I got a slight sunburn (if you can believe that in the middle of winter). Then again, winter around here isn't like most places. Getting too much sun that day didn't bother me because we have been having a cold spell that has ruined a lot of crops around the area just a few days before. So being out in some nice weather was a welcome sight to everyone. Let's take a look around the show because there are a lot of cars that showed up and a lot of pictures too.

Here is a 57 Chevy wagon that was parked next to us. The license plate said "NOTAMAD". Very nice car.



This 1967 Camaro was super clean and was parked right behind us. It had a SB Chevy and a six speed trans in it.



This was at the back of the show which usually doesn't fill up but that wasn't the case this day.



The back row had some very nice cars as you can see here.


I've said it before and I'll say it again, nothing says Hot Rod more than a big ass blower sticking out if the hood. Way cool!!


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