Clip Boards  3                  09-2017

Here are the three larger boards. Lucky for me you can't see every square inch of them.




When Angela came over during the final stages of me making these and she just happen to ask me, "did you get a chance to start on the clipboards yet"? I told her that I was just finishing them and once she looked at the larger ones, she liked this one the best. She also picked the clip style that you see below.

The species of wood from left to right: Mahogany, black walnut, oak, mahogany, hard maple, black walnut, oak, black walnut and last is believe it or not black walnut again.



This one will be a birthday present for my other daughter Stefanie. Being that I only had one of the antique brass clips, she gets the polished nickel. The species here are: hard maple, mahogany, black walnut, figured maple, black walnut, mahogany, hard maple.



And this one I decided to keep for myself. But I really thought Angela would want this one. The species in this one is symmetrical: Oak (the small strips from the molding), black walnut and maple.



In this shot you can see the thickness along with the clip. Unfortunately, you can also see some of the ugly surface too.



Here are the smaller ones, which came out about the same as the larger ones.




Close-up of the 3/8" thickness and one of the better areas on the clear finish.



This is the small one I'll be giving to Stefanie which has matching clips. The species from top to bottom are: Oak, black walnut, curly maple, black walnut, mahogany, hard maple and black walnut.



I ended up with three different clip finishes for the smaller ones but only two for the larger ones. This polished brass clip didn't match the others so I decided to keep this one as well. Hard maple, mahogany and black walnut were used here.



Here is the other one Angela picked out and it has a matching antique brass clip. This smaller board has 10 pieces of wood in it, which are Curly maple, black walnut, oak, hard maple and mahogany.



Note the fasteners don't go through which makes them look nice and easy to sit most anywhere.



This 5" X 8" inch note pad fits perfect and is ready for action. I hope the kids like them because they should come in handy and provide years of good use.


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