USS Gerald Ford  4                04-2015

Ford’s lethality is also enhanced by the RIM 116 short-range defensive surface to air missile...



...... and the radar-guided, rotating 20mm Gatling Gun called the Phalanx CIWS (Sea-Wiz).



That lethality aims to help keep sailors safe and the enemy less so.



Criticism of the new carrier, which may be the last of the “Big” carriers now that drones are replacing manned aircraft, has been swift and harsh.



Facing a longer timeline for completion and burgeoning costs, Newport News Shipbuilding construction director Geoff Hummel says, “Problems are something we think about every day.”



“There are going to be issues in a new class of ship,” Hummel says. “The question is how big are they and how serious?”



Minimizing those problems are the Newport News Shipbuilding employees, out here every day of the year.



Newport News wants the Ford’s eventual new sailors to know that “this is an awesome ship that they’ll bring to life.”



Those sailors shouldn’t doubt it, with the decades of experience Newport News employees bring.


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