Firewall 3            August 2002

Now that it's all installed and running, I wanted to see just what I could and couldn't do. Normally after installing new hardware there are some problems but not with the PIX 501, it ran great right out of the box. Sending and receiving email, cruising the net and gaming all worked fine. I do notice that some web pages load a little slower but it might just be a bad day for the net. 

I also wanted to see just how secure my system was so I tried going to a few  different sites to see what they could see, or better yet....can't see! One of the things these sites checks for is your IP address. Well It can't see mine anymore but what it does see is the firewalls IP address. The firewall masks mine so a would be hacker that's doing an IP scan would not be able to see it because it's stealthed now. I always told myself that I would get a firewall if I had a problem so this is the reason for it now. I have to say that having an "always on connection" for over two years now and not having a problem till recently is pretty good. 

If you want to see just how secure your system is, try going to one or all of these sites and have it scan your system and check the results. Mine passed with flying colors but was wide open for an attack before which is why I got slammed. 

Site 1 Takes awhile to check at this site.
Site 2 No need to install the software here so just click "no" and then scan.

I bought my PIX 501 through Merrill Technical Services Inc. at (909) 352-9097. Be sure to talk to Merrill about any of your needs. These guys have a sales and tech support all wrapped into one and I have to say in all my days of buying hardware, these guys treated me fantastic. I highly recommend them. 

Hope this helps you determine if your system is vulnerable or not and if it is, you might consider buying one of the hardware firewalls by Cisco.


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