Firewall 2            August 2002

Here you can see the 4 Ethernet ports and the internet port. The one to the right with white under it is the serial console port and power connector next to that. On the very right is a security lock slot for added physical security.


This is all I needed to get up and running. On the left is a power cord that plugs into wall, a orange Ethernet cable and power supply that plugs into the power cord. I also received a yellow and blue Ethernet cable along with some software. The cables are six feet long but only has to run from my DSL modem to the firewall which are right next to each other. The blue cable is for the console port which has a console cable adapter.


Here is a better view of the power supply and where the power cord goes into it. It's just like a computer power cord and at first glance, thought I got an extra power cord (like I need another one).


But does it work???


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