Product Links

I thought I would add links to all the product manufactures that went into the car. Not all of them have websites but most do.

A Special Thanks!

I want to give a special thanks to Gary, a good friend of mine that taught me about cars. He has been working on cars and hotrods for as long as I can remember. Back in the day when I would walk home from school, I use to stop by his house and he would put me to work cleaning parts, scraping funk from the bottom of the car or whatever grunt work needed to be done (you gotta start some place ya know). By hanging around his place, watching, learning and wrenching, I became a gear-head and haven't looked back. Thanks Gary for all that you've taught me over the years...."you da man".


ARP Jegs

Aircraft Spruce & Supply

King Bee
Alinabal K & N
Autometer Milodon
Carolina Custom Lincoln Electric
Childs & Albert Manley
Clevite Melling
CompCams MR Products
Coolflex MSD Ignition
CSR Painless Performance
Currie Pete Jackson
Dart Pioneer
Eagle Powermaster
Earls Pluming Precision Industries
Edelbrock Redneck Street Rods
Energy Suspension RCI
Fel-Pro Ross
Fluidampr Scat
Griffin Specialty Power Windows
Hagan Street Rods Soffseal
Harbor Freight Summit
Holley Tavia
Hoodlum Taylor
Hoosier TD Performance
Ididit Total Cost Involved
Inland Empire Driveline Trick Cable & Switch
Iskenderian Wilwood

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