33 Coupe FYI 

This page has all the information about the car including specifications, dimensions, product manufactures and part numbers. I will update the list as the parts come in or if something changes.

Make Ford
Model 3 Window Coupe
Manufacture Redneck Street Rods
Year 1933
Hood Hinges Hagen
Insulation B-Quiet
Headlights King Bee
Tail Lights Billet Specialties
Manufacture Total Cost Involved
Model Pro Street
Wheelbase 112"
Rear-end / Ratio Currie 9” / 4.56:1 - Posi – 31 Spline
Front Brakes 11" Disk
Rear Brakes 12" Disk with E-Brake
Calipers Willwood 4 Piston Polished Aluminum
Suspension IFS Front / 4-Link Rear
Shocks American Coil-over’s front/rear
Brake Lines Stainless
Radiator Griffin – 2 Rows of 1 ½” Tubes
Radiator Cap  Billet Specialties
Radiator Hoses Coolflex
Fuel Tank Custom
Driveshaft Inland Empire Driveline
U-Joint Girdle Moroso
Front Wheels 15 X 6   GTX01 Billet Specialties
Rear Wheels  15 X 12  GTX01 Billet Specialties
Front Tires  25 X 7.5 X 15 Hoosiers
Rear Tires  31 X 16.5 X 15 Hoosiers
Driveshaft Hoop  Custom
Steering Linkage Borgeson
Brackets Custom
Mufflers Borla
Heat shield Insulation Thermo Tec
Cubic Inch Displacement 434
Compression 11.1:1
Block Dart Little M – Billet 4Bolt Mains all 5
Pistons Ross
Crank Scat – Lightened & Cross drilled
Rods Eagle H-Beam 6”
Cam - Mechanical Roller Iskenderian
Roller Lifters - Red Line Iskenderian
Rev-kit Iskenderian
Pushrods Iskenderian
Bearings Clevite
Oil Pump Melling
Heads Dart Pro 1 – 230cc – 72cc Chambers
Rocker Arms CompCams Magnum Rollers
Stud Girdle CompCams
Oil Pan Hamburgers 7Qt. – w/Trap Doors, Baffles, Crank scraper
Intake Manifold Edelbrock Super Victor
Carburetor Holley 950CFM – 4150 HP Series
Fuel Pump Holley Electric
Fuel Filter System 1
Timing Set Pete Jackson Gear Drive
Timing Pointer Tava 
Headers 1 7/8 Diameter Custom
Header Adapters Dynatech
Slip-on Collectors Dynatech
Header Coating Jet-Hot
Header Gaskets Dynatech
Stahl Flanges Round Dynatech
Harmonic Damper Fluidampr
Water Pump Victor Series
Fasteners ARP
Pulleys Billet Specialties
Starter Protorque
Plumbing  Earls
Gaskets Fel-Pro
Air Filter  K & N 
Oil Filter K & N
Throttle Cable Lokar
Engine Mounts Energy Suspension
Distributor Gear MSD
Carb Spacer Reher Morrison
Make  Tremec
Model 5 Speed
Shifter Custom
Transmission Mount Bracket Custom
Transmission Mount  Energy Suspension
Clutch McLeod - Twin Disc
Flywheel McLeod 15lb
Hydraulic Release Bearing McLeod
Scatter Shield Quicktime
Gages Auto Meter Ultra-Lites
Steering Column  Ididit
Seats and Leather Material Tea's Design
Upholstery Custom
5 Point Harness M & R Products
Roll Cage Custom
Swing-out Door-bar Kit Applied Racing Technology
Keyless Entry Rocky Hinge Inc.
Swivel Column Drop Billet Specialties
Gas Pedal Assy. Lokar
Mirror Billet Specialties
Tunes Alpine
Speakers Infinity
Alternator Powermaster
Wiring Painless 18 circuit
Distributor MSD Pro Billet
Ignition Control MSD 6AL
Plug Wires Taylor Spiro-Pro 8mm
Spark Plugs Champion
Battery  Interstate
T-Clamps Century Performance Center
Convoluted Split Tubing Taylor
Old Transmission  
Make  GM
Model 4L80E
Electronic Controls HGM Compushift
Converter Precision Industries 3200 stall w/lockup
Shifter B & M
Transmission Mount Bracket Custom
Transmission Mount  Energy Suspension
Dipstick Lokar
Dipstick Handle Custom


Parts - Suppliers - Part Numbers

Engine Supplier Part Numbers
Felpro - Oil Pan Summit 1821
Felpro - Rear Main Summit 2909
Felpro - Head Gasket Summit 1004
Felpro - Intake Summit 1206
Felpro - Exhaust Summit 1405
Felpro - Valve Covers Summit 1603
Wilwood new pads 120-6791-D
Oil Filter Adapter GM 3952301
Roller tappet washers Isky 200-RTW
Rev Kit Isky 200-LRK
Camshaft Isky RR-645/64-72
Roller Lifters Isky 1271-LSH
ARP Assy. Bolts Herbert 534-9601
ARP Oil Pump Stud Herbert 230-7003
ARP Head Bolts Herbert 134-3701
ARP Balancer Bolt Herbert 134-2501
Scat Crank Herbert 4400400060002
Childs & Albert Rings Herbert RS10248-35
Ross Pistons Herbert 95961
Ross Anti Rotation Rings Herbert ORS 412
Eagle Rods Herbert ESPCRS6000B-3D
Dart Heads Herbert 11810040R
Dart Block Herbert 31132211
Clevite 77 Main Bearings Herbert MS-1038H
Clevite 77 Rod Bearings Herbert CB-663H
Hamburger Oil Pan Herbert 1088H
Melling Oil Pump Herbert M-55HV
CompCams Rocker Arms Herbert 1304-16
Edelbrock Super Victor Herbert 2925
Holley 950 Carb Herbert 0-80496-1
Holley Fuel Pump Herbert 12-802-1
Water Pump Victor Series Summit 8810
Fluidampr 7 1/4 Herbert 712430
Energy Sup Motor Mounts Summit ENS-3-1114G
Timing Set Pete Jackson Summit PJJ-327-1C
Timing Cover Summit SUM-G6300W
Timing Gasket Set Summit SUM-G2200
Freeze Plugs Summit SUM-G1581
Tava Timing Pointer Summit TAV-02354
ARP Flex Plate Bolts Summit ARP-100-2901
ARP Bolt Kit Motor Mount Summit ARP-430-3102
ARP Motor Mount Bolts Summit ARP-430-3105
Energy Sup.Trans Mount Summit ENS-3-1108G
ARP Carb Stud Kit Jegs 070-400-2401
Dynatech Header Adapters Jegs 329-51-00100
CSI Distributor Hold down Jegs 170-670P
MSD Distibutor Gear Summit MSD-10202
Protorque Starter Summit SUM-820323-M
Compcams Stud Girdle Summit CCA-4004
Wire Looms Summit RNM-1101L
Taylor Plug Wires Summit TAY-73151
CSI Throttle Bracket CSI CSI 60015
CSI Bottle Bracket CSI CSI 651P
Alternator Herbert 17127
Fuel Filter Herbert 10102
Valve Covers Herbert S6030-2
MSD 6AL Herbert 6420
MSD Distibutor Herbert 85551
CSI 1 Quart Catch Can CSI CSI 931P
MSD Coil Jegs 1218207
Pushrods Isky 1235-L
Earls Duel Fuel Line Summit EAR-101286
Champion Spark Plugs Star Auto C61YC
Earls 1/2 Pipe plugs Summit EAR-82512
Earls 3/8 Pipe plugs Summit EAR-593204
Thermostat 160 degree Summit MIL-16400
Thermostat Swivel Housing Summit BSP-90420
Earls -8 Unions Summit EAR-981508
Breather w/PCV Valve Billet S 21120
Breather Plane Billet S 20120
Header J-Bends Dynatech 65-60204
Slip on 3" Collectors Dynatech DRE83-412302C
3" to 2 1/2 Reducers Dynatech 80-00225
Stahl Flanges Round 1 7/8 Dynatech 41-01514
Stahl Gaskets Dynatech 62-50200S
U-Tab Kit Dynatech 60-00320
Oil Filter Collar Jegs 0636TAS-6
System 1 Fuel Filter Jegs 888201408
K&N Air Filter 4" x 14" Jegs 059960-1260
Raditaor Cap Billet Specialties Billet S 75320
Valve Cover Hold Downs Billet S 95013
Alternator Bracket Billet S 10220
Carb Retrun Spring Summit SUM-61320
Lokar Dip Stick Jegs 0625ED-5002
Dayco Fan Belt Star Auto 15490
Thremistat Housing Straight Billet S 90120
Holley Squirters #35 Summit HYL-121-35
Holley Squirters #37 Summit HYL-121-37
Holley Acle pump cams Summit HLY-20-12
Holley Site Plugs Summit HLY-26-113
Silicone Boots & Terminals Summit MSD-3320
Convoluted Tubing - Purple Summit TAY-38840
K&N Oil Filter Anyone HP-3002
1/2 " Carb Spacer Reher Morrison 502-814
1" Carb Spacer Reher Morrison 502-830


Chassis Supplier Part Numbers
2" Adhesive Backed Frame Webbing Yogis B-5000-BS
Battery Cable Kit Summit PRF-40100
Painless Wiring Harness Summit PRF-10202
Autometer Ultra-lite Gages Jegs
Alu Fuel Line 25ft. Summit SUM-82512
Earls Braided Steel Line 10ft. Summit EAR-310008
Earls 90 degree 8-AN fitting Summit EAR-809108
Earls 8-AN B nut Summit EAR-981808
Ears 8-AN Sleeve Summit EAR-981908
Flaming River Batter Disconnect Jegs 0898FR1003
Ididit 32" Steering Column Redneck
Borgeson Stainless U-Joints Redneck
Borgeson Stainless D-Shaft Redneck SSP16N-7DDX7DD
Borgeson Hiem End Redneck
Adapter fitting -8 to 3/8 Pipe Jegs 361981608
#8 Straight Hose End Jegs 0023FCM1013
#8 Swivel Coupler Jegs 0023CFM2916
Hose Seprator 1/2 X 1/2 Billet S 68120
Hose Seprator 1/2 X 1/2 Luckys Street Rods Double T Clamps Purple
Hose Seprator 1/2 Luckys Street Rods Single T Clamps Purple
Driveshaft Loop Jegs 55040728
Fuel Pressure Fitting Summit AER-FCM2184
Throttle Cable Summit LOC-TC-1000HT
Earls 4-AN Swivel Coupler-auto-fit Jegs 361300104
Earls 4-AN 90 Swivel Coupler-auto-fit Jegs 361309104
Earls 8-AN End Cap Jegs 361992908
4AN to 7-20 fuel adapter American Street Rod 591941
1/8 Pipe 90 Deg. St. Elbow American Street Rod 991401
Earls 8-AN Swivel auto-fit Jegs 300108
Earls 8-AN to 3/8 Pipe Jegs 981608
Fuel Cell Summit 290215-SB
Battery Inerstate San Berdo MTP-75DT
Earls 8-AN to 3/8 Pipe 45 degree Summit 982308
Brake Fluid Summit WIL-290-0632
Autometer Water Temp Adapter Jegs 1052272
Universal Wire Loom Kit Century Per. Center MYF-50-156-11
Purple Single T-Clamps Century Per. Center MFY-10-820-20
Purple Double T-Clamps 1/2 Century Per. Center MFY-20-502-20
Purple Double T-Clamps 5/8 Century Per. Center MFY-20-622-20
8- 90 Male to Female Swivel American Street Rod 921108
8- T Female Swivel on Run American Street Rod 926108
Rivnuts #10 Aircraft Spruce A10-140
1/4 Nylon Tubing Aircraft Spruce 05-01011
Nylo-Seal Fitting Aircraft Spruce 266-N04X02
Nylo-Seal Fitting Aircraft Spruce 268-N04X02
Griffin Raditaor Griffin 4-833BX-BAX
Raditaor Hoses Kits Total Performance Inc. FX2012P
Aluminum Driveshaft 3.5 dia Inland Empire Driveline ALU-133011350
Trans Yoke Inland Empire Driveline SY-400-1350
Borla Turbo Mufflers Summit BOR-40653
Earls -6 Straight Auto-fit Summit EAR-300106
Earls -6 Auto-Flex Hose 3' Summit EAR-303006
Earls -6 Tube Nuts Summit EAR-581806
Earls -6 Tube Sleeves Summit EAR-581906
Earls -6 Unions Summit EAR-981506
Earls -6an to 1/8 Pipe Straight Summit EAR-981662
Earls -6 90 deg Auto-fit Summit EAR-309106
Stainless Ti-Wraps Summit DEI-010202
Clamp on Heat Shield - Thermo Tec Summit THE-11620
Starter Heat Sheald - Thermo Tec Summit THE-14150
2 1/2 Mandrel J Bends Summit HOK-12397
2 1/2 Mandrel U Bends Summit HOK-12270
2 1/2 Alumized Exhaust Tubing Summit SUM-640025
Muffler clamps Summit SUM-84725
Purple Convoluted Tubing 1/4" Summit TAY-38820
Purple Convoluted Tubing 3/8" Summit TAY-38830
Thermo-flex 1" dia. Aluminum Insulation Summit THE-17100
Exhaust Swivel Hangers Summit WLK-35103
Earls -6 180 degree Auto-fit Summit EAR-318006
Moroso U-Joint Girdle Summit MOR-85860
Painless Fan Relay w/thermo Summit PRF-30103
Horn Star Auto Parts DOR-9-1793
Purple 1/4 Wire Cover Yearwood TAY38820
Purple 3/8 Wire Cover Yearwood TAY38830
Purple 1/2 Wire Cover Yearwood TAY38840
Round Exhaust Tips Summit BOR-20104
Borla XR-1 Mufflers Summit BOR-40941


Transmission Supplier Part Numbers
4L80E Bowtie
2600 Stall Converter Bowtie
HGM Controller Bowtie
ARP Converter Bolts Summit 230-7302
Lokar Dip Stick Jegs 0625TD-34L80FM
Shifter Jegs 130-80701
4-Speed Gate Plate Jegs 130-80712
6- to 1/4 pipe straight Summit EAR-981606


Body Supplier Part Numbers
Vette Panel Adhesive Qt. PA Paint Co. FIB 870
SMC Panel Adhesive Qt. PA Paint Co. FIB 994
Universal Ignition Switch Jegs 076480153
Lokar Gas Pedal Jegs 0625BAG-6004
Lokar Brake Pedal Jegs 0265BAG-6005
Aluminum Grill Redneck
Column Drop 2 X 3 1/2" Billet S 27125
2" Swivel Coulmn Mount Billet S 27925
Billet Specialties Mirror Billet S 73420
Billet Specialties Mirror Mount Billet S 72220
Power Trunk Kit Rocky Hinge Inc. RTL 006
Shaved Door Handle Kit Rocky Hinge Inc. SH 01
Bottom Mount Trunk Latch Rocky Hinge Inc. HT 001
Actuators Rocky Hinge Inc. DAL 01
Hagen Hood Hinge Redneck HDH3336
Kingbee Head Lights Stainless Yogis KB13000S
Headlight Stands Chrome Yogis 40-1312C
Headlight Stand Pads Yogis 40-13130
Flex Conduits Yogis FCW
Quick Disconnect 6 wire Yogis QCK-6
Quick Disconnect 4 wire Yogis QUK-4
B-Quite Insulation SteroTypes Brown Bread
Leather Seats Tea's 1105
Green LED Indicator Sachse Rod Shop AAW 500214
Red LED Indicator Sachse Rod Shop RFW DR-16
Front Turn Signals Sachse Rod Shop VIN-HR-13302-MTS
Billet Specialties Rear Tail Lights Yearwood Bil61220
Headlight Switch Yearwood WIRHL03
Door Popper Yearwood AUTDP3500
Split Oval Trim Yearwood STRB02S
Door Handles Billet S 45420
Arm Rests RodDoors RD-1509
Door pull kit RodDoors RD-1010
Front Speakers-Infinity Circuit City 6002I
2" Long Filler Neck Bung Sachse Rod Shop TNK 4B
Billet Thread on cap W/O-Ring Sachse Rod Shop TNK CC
Fuel Level Sender - VDO Sachse Rod Shop VDO 226008
Lighted Bolts - White Sachse Rod Shop DEI 30303
1/4" NPT Steel Bung Sachse Rod Shop TNK 4NPT-MS
3/8" NPT Steel Bung Sachse Rod Shop TNK 8NPT-MS
Blue Blub Boots for Gages Summit ATM-3207
#8 Steel Weld Fittings for gas tank Summit EAR-967108ERL
#8 90 Deg. Bulkhead Fitting Summit EAR-983308ERL
#8 Bulkhead Nut Summit EAR-992408ERL
1/2 " Roll over Valve Summit RCI-7020A
Rear Speakers - Infinity 6x9 Circuit City INI 9603I
CD Player - Alpine Circuit City APN CDA9827
Swingout Doorbar kit Applied Racing Technology 018901
5 Point harness added 6" to each side M & R Products 93555-12PA
Window net M & R Products WNSPEC-P
Window Installation kit M & R Products 80122-22
LED Lights JC Whitney 503865
LED Lights JC Whitney 15263
Mirror - Drivers Billet S 73820
Mirror - Pass Billet S 73825
Mirror Arm - 4 1/2 - Driver Billet S 72520
Mirror Arm - 4 1/2 - Pass Billet S 72525
Dzus fasteners self eject Summit SUM-G1620
Dzus fasteners weld plates Summit SUM-G1627
LED Light for Tach Summit ATM-3296
LED's for gages Summit ATM-3286
Quick Disconnect Plug Summit PRF-40009
License Plate Frame Billet S 55220
Hood Braces Carolina Customs SHB33-34F


Wheels and Tires Supplier Part Numbers
Front Tires Summit HOO-19040
Rear Tires Summit HOO-19300
Front Wheels Billet Specialties GTX015606535N
Rear Wheels Billet Specialties GTX015126547N
Lug Nuts Billet Specialties 999974
Valve Stems Billet Specialties 999900
Car weight without driver 2800 Pounds  

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