July thru Dec  2010

33 Coupe Having Fun 1       7/01/10

The Optimist Car Show and Chili Cook Off was held in Redlands on Saturday, June 12th. This show is usually in late July and is very hot but they moved it up about 6 weeks and it made a big difference heat wise.

The weather was overcast (June gloom for you So. Cal people) and it stayed that way most of the day. When this type of weather hits our area in late May and early June, most people don't mind because it keeps the temps down to about the mid 80's. It was a little chilly in the morning but by lunch time it warmed up and became a really nice day.

This show usually brings in all kinds of nice cars and is held on the grass in Sylvan Park but for some reason they didn't have a great turn out this year. Still there were over 300 cars their which made for a nice show.

Setup was at 7am and we arrived well before that which you end up waiting in a long line of cars throughout the streets that surround the park. The show runs till 2pm but for some reason it ended at 3 that day. There is lots of food, vendors, a beer garden which has the chili cook off close by and a large 50/50 drawing.

Sit back an enjoy a few of the cars that were at the show.



This was the first time I've seen this car and I'll have to say, it was nice and I really liked the sign he had in front. In case you don't get it, the 55 is the year of the car and the 210 is the model. I thought that was pretty creative!!



This etching was on the side window from the 55 Chevy above.






This Chevy Nomad and Ford Mustang are father and daughter cars respectively.



This was a beautiful 56 Chevy which I'd really like to have in my garage someday.



Very clean under the hood too.


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