33 Coupe Before Paint 1        3/13/05

Now that the interior is just about finished, I needed to take care of a few small projects before I take apart the whole car and paint it. One of the things that I needed to do was add some support to the hood because it's a little flimsy. What you see here are some hood braces made by Dan Fink Metal Works. These braces are made out of steel and are 3/8" diameter round bar with a small flange on the bottom on each end for some screws. It also came with four aluminum risers in case you needed one of the braces mounted a little higher. Now the way these braces are to be mounted is to NOT have them touch the underside of the hood at all. To be honest, I didn't see how this was going to work without them touching the underside of the hood at first but after installing the first one, the light came on.



To get an idea of where they were going to be placed, I removed the hood and set them on the hinge rails and wouldn't you know it, they lined up right where the hood hinges were....figures huh! Well there's no-way I'm gonna move my hood hinges so the braces had to be modified. Notice the shorter one at the bottom of the picture and how close it's going to be to the radiator tank and filler neck. The distance between the radiator and filler neck is only one inch so this brace will have to be placed just right so it doesn't hit anything. 



I started on the smaller one first because it wasn't going to need as much cutting as the other one. What I tried to do was make my life easier by cutting one end off the flanges and using only one screw on each end to hold it in place. By cutting this small piece off, it allowed me to move it just enough to clear my radiator tank, radiator cap and my hood hinge. I laid out for some holes and used some 10-32 screws to hold it in place. After picking the hood up to place it back on the car and check it for fit, I couldn't believe how much stiffer it was. Now that the short one was done, it was time for the longer one.



The longer one needed to be cut in order for it to fit so I grabbed my hacksaw and made two pieces out of it. After cutting it, I placed it in good location where it wouldn't interfere with the hinges which left me with a difference of about one inch to long.


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