Jewelry Box  2            05-2016

This foam will be used for gluing the velvet to. By using this square and a razorblade, I cut a few pieces that were used for the long slot.



I'm gluing four pieces together which should fit the one inch slot just right.



I also used this 1/4" (arrow) foam for the other three compartments. Notice the three square sides and one radius. This will sit at the bottom once it's covered with material.



I glued the velvet to the foam first, then I cut away the material so I could fold it around the foam.



Here are all the pieces ready to be placed inside the pockets. I made the foam fit the pockets first and then glued on the material. The thickness of the velvet makes the pieces press fit into the pockets now and won't fall out.



Here is the finished box, which I still kick myself for not making right.



If you look close you can see through the lid. In case you were wondering this hole was planned.



Instead of a ring area I cut the four pieces of foam 1/2" inch short of the top surface, which now can be used for a necklace or two...or whatever.



Close up of the hinge and note the areas around the pockets have been given a small radius. This way your fingers don't get hurt when reaching in.



Here you can see the hinges sticking out of the back. And if you look close you can see the wood all matches back there, which is not the ideal place to have that happen. Oops! Now you can see why I didn't want to work on this project. Maybe if I just leave it turned around.


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