Decanter Set  4                      12-2016

I bought this three piece decanter set from Etsy and they have all kinds of sets to choose from. The 'B' is for Tony's last name and it really came out nice.



I've had this style of decanter in mind for about two years now and I'm happy with how it came out.



A better look of the design at the bottom of the glass's and you can see the clearance at the corners of the decanter as well.



Here is Lenny's tray and again I'm pretty happy with it.



I think this would look equally nice with or without material in the pockets but I really do like the natural look of the grain this way.



A close-up of the sides and handle.



Lenny's last name begins with an 'H' and his came out great too. I had this engraved at Things Remembered and they had many choices for fonts and colors.



In case you can't tell the font color is gold.



I hope they both like their presents that I made because I'm pretty happy with how they came out. Merry Christmas guys!!


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