Decanter Set  2                      12-2016

To finish the corners I used a fly cutter with the cutting tool set for my 1 1/2" radius. This worked much better than when I used a circle cutting sheet metal tool for the wine rack that I made for daughter Stef.



Now it's time to layout the pockets for the glass's and decanter. I measured each glass and the decanter and used my compass to make some circles.



I used and end mill to rough-out the material by using both X and Y handles at the same time. It doesn't have to look pretty here, just as long I don't go outside the pencil lines. The depth is 1/4 inch.



To finish each pocket with, I used my boring head. This worked great but the boring head is almost maxed out for the larger pocket.



I'm putting a convex radius on Tony's and used a socket for laying it out. Once I had a pencil line I used my belt-sander to sand up to the line.



Same thing for roughing and finishing outer pockets here but the decanter is square for Tony's. I used a 3/4" end mill for the square pocket as this size will have clearance for the 45 degree corners on his decanter.



I put a 3/16" radius on Lenny's using my router table.



I used a cove and bead router bit for Tony's tray. Nice looking grain here.



I wanted to make the handles for the trays but after seeing some of the choices out there, I decided to buy them. These are solid brass drawer pull handles that have been clear coated so they don't tarnish and they have a nice look to them as well.



Here I'm drilling some clearance holes for the handles. The manufacture claims the holes are 3" center-to-center but after measuring them I found the dimension to be 3.010" apart. Notice the mill stop on the left side, once I had the correct distance here I turned the tray around and drilled the other end.


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