Decanter Set  1                      12-2016

I'm going to make two more things for Christmas this year, which will be wooden trays for a decanter set. These will be going to my son Tony, and son-in-law Lenny. I've had this idea in my head for a few months now so this should be a fun project to make.

The material for these trays will be figured maple for Lenny, and wenge for Tony. They will be be 16" long X 6 1/2" wide when finished.



I'm going to add small strips of black walnut to the figured maple so it has some contrast. Here I'm machining two pieces that are 1/4" wide each.



I cut one inch strips off each side of the maple and I'm squaring each side in preparation for gluing.



This should give you an idea of what I came up with for the design. I let this set overnight.



I'm machining the sides parallel here. And after this step I machined the ends square to the sides.



Note that I numbered each piece so the grain would match when I was through.



I'm machining the top and bottom surfaces with a fly cutter. This was fast and easy because it's being held in my vise.



I'm machining the sides parallel and then I squared the ends too.



I'm going to cut out a 1 1/2 inch concave radius at each corner for the maple one only. The reason I choose this size is because I want it to match the wine rack that I gave my daughter Stef for her birthday. This way the wine rack and this decanter tray will look like a matched pair when they're displayed in their home. I'm laying it out to see if everything looks right below.



I used my bandsaw to rough-out each corner which worked great.


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