Route 66

Here you can see Gary and I kick'n it on a Friday afternoon enjoying the Route 66 car show held in San Bernardino, Ca. in 2004. The show has an event called "Cruise Night" that runs from 6:00pm to 8:00pm and covers 2 1/2 miles on a marked off course through town. This is held on two of the three nights during the show and your allowed to have open headers too. Larry invited us to go for a ride that day so we all piled into his car and headed out. Now this was the first time that I've ever ridden in the backseat of my old car and it will probably will be my last because there isn't much room back their.

As we were riding around, I had some time to reflect on just what was happening. What I mean is, we've all owned this 71 Camaro at one time or another. Back in 1976, I bought the car used (which was a wreck) and fixed it up and in 1999, I sold it to Gary. A year or so later, Gary sold it to Larry, who still owns it to this day. And he has taken such good care of it as you can see.

That wasn't just a good day we had that day, it was a great day!!



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