Loggers 7               2012

Here are some shots of loggers making a living chopping down some huge trees. Again these pictures were sent via email and unfortunately I don't have much info on them either. Like the previous pictures, I copied and pasted any text that was next to them and hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Oh...one more thing, be glad you don't have to cut down timber like they did back then. How tough were these guys?

When the Northwest logging industry was still young.

Before chainsaws were invented, the logging industry in the United States & Canada was a seriously challenging occupation and we are only talking about 125 years ago.

In the Pacific Northwest there were forests full of monster trees and cutting them down was done by hand. This is really old growth timber! Just look at the length of the hand saw they needed.



Look at the length of the two-man hand saw and heavy duty axes above that they used to drop these tremendous trees. It is almost inconceivable to think of cutting down a tree this size with a hand saw. And look at the size of the heavy duty axes.



The work required very strong  The work required very strong men and courageous men working long days for minimal pay. Could you imagine doing this to earn a living?



After a tree was finally felled the real work began as it took a week or more to cut it up into sections that could be managed and transported by train to a lumber yard.


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