Tracey's Old Cars

This was Tracey's first car which is a 1987 Ford Escort. It had a manual transmission in it and she learned how to drive a car with stick shift.

A year or so later she came in contact with the rear of a big rig's trailer while it was turning into a parking lot. The car was a total and she was unhurt. Nice job Tracey!



This is her second car, a 1990 Acura Integra which she paid for herself. It had a new motor put in it and runs very good.



Come to find out the engine used oil and she had to make sure it had enough in it at all times. Unfortunately she let it run to low one day the engine turned into a rock. She sold it cheap soon after.



This car was given to Tracey in 2007 when Terri bought a new Scion in the same year. Tracey drove this car for a few years until she hit a deer in Nebraska on her way to Minnesota which totaled it. She wasn't hurt but her life sucked for over a year afterwards.



The aftermath of her deer encounter in Nebraska. And again another total.






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