Angela's Truck 1            February 2002

This is her 1994 Toyota pickup truck before anything was done to it. We put a 3.5" suspension lift and a 3" body lift on it. We also put on some big new tires and wheels. Angela helped me on the hole project and got just a dirty as I did. Without any more talking, let's go see the finished truck.





Here is the Fabtech 3.5" suspension and 3" Performance Accessories body lift that were installed. The tires are 31" X 10.5" X 15" B.F. Goodrich Mud Terrain with American Racing wheels.



Here is the finished truck. It has the Pre-runner look just like she wanted.



Tube bumpers front and rear.



Here she is kick'in it with her new look.



First test drive.



Where's your shoes at girl.



I bought this license plate frame for her 16th birthday.


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