Car Quiz # 2  

How much do you know about car related stuff? Take quiz #2 and find out. 

  1. What does a harmonic balancer do?

  2. Keeps the fuel pump from getting hot
    Keeps the crankshaft vibration to a minimum
    Helps the transmission shift smoothly
    Makes it easier to change your oil

  3. What is the better "Timing Set" to have in a high performance engine?

  4. Stock single row chain
    Double roller chain
    Gear drive system
    Belt drive system

  5. What is "cam walk"?

  6. The valve springs are not strong enough for the cam
    The cam bearings are worn out
    It's when you take your cam out for a walk
    The cam is moving back and forth in the block

  7. What is a flex plate?

  8. A device used for removing rocker arms
    A plate that goes under the carburetor
    A large diameter plate that bolts to the crankshaft
    A small diameter plate that bolts to the camshaft

  9. How does an increase in rocker arm ratio improve engine performance?

  10. It lets more exhaust gas out of the engine faster
    The lobe lift of the camshaft is increased
    It increase's the valve diameter
    Both A and B

  11. What is one benefit of using a shorter connecting rod?

  12. They're easier to adjust
    So the rod wouldn't have to travel as far up and down
    It's cheaper to buy
    It would be better for maximum torque

  13. What is a Spool used for?

  14. It goes in the transmission to help change gears faster
    It's a device that is placed between the distributor housing and cap
    So both rear wheels turn the same speed
    It's nice to have around if you intend to sew something

  15. What is a reverse lockout switch used for?

  16. So the engine can be started in reverse only
    So the engine can be started in any gear
    So the engine can be shutoff in reverse
    So the engine can be started in park or reverse

  17. Every 100 pounds of weight removed from a vehicle results in a lower elapsed time of how much in the quarter mile?

  18. One full second
    One half second
    One tenth of a second
    One hundredth of a second

  19. When you here the name "Valve body", what would you be talking about?

  20. The carburetor
    The transmission
    The rear-end
    The brakes

  21. When you here the name "Power valve", what would you be talking about?

  22. The carburetor
    The transmission
    The rear-end
    The brakes

  23. When you here the name "Crush sleeve", what would you be talking about?

  24. The carburetor
    The transmission
    The rear-end
    The brakes

  25. When you here the name "Residual valve", what would you be talking about?

  26. The carburetor
    The transmission
    The rear-end
    The brakes

  27. What is Cowl induction?

  28. You have air entering from the rear of the hood
    You have an engine that is under power
    The transmission is being shifted fast
    You have air ride suspension

  29. When you hear someone say that a car is a 50 footer, what are they talking about?

  30. The car goes very fast for the first 50 feet
    The car is 50 feet long
    The paint job sucks
    The car was built in the 1950's

  31. Your driving along and suddenly you notice the engine is overheating. What can help cool down the engine?

  32. Rolling down the windows
    Driving faster putting more air through the radiator
    Getting behind another car helping your aerodynamics
    Turning on the heater

  33. Engine oil does more than just lubricate, what else does it do?

  34. It helps keep the engine cooler
    It works great for getting rid of gophers
    It suspends particulates
    Both A and C

  35. Which item is considered Unsprung weight?

  36. Body

  37. What is the firing order for a typical small block Chevy?

  38. 18736542

  39. What is meant by a 4 - 7 cam swap?

  40. It's when you have a cam that has four cam lobes compared to seven
    it's when you trade four cams for seven cams
    The number four and seven get changed in the firing order
    The number of cam bearings has increased from four to seven

  41. How many head bolts does a typical small block Chevy have per side?

  42. 14

  43. A camshaft has 17 lobes on it but only 16 are used for the opening and closing of valves. What is the other one used for?

  44. For the oil pump
    For the fuel pump
    For the water pump
    For the transmission pump

  45. At what speed is your engines cooling fan not needed?

  46. 20 MPH and above
    30 MPH and above
    40 MPH and above
    Are you kidding, you need it at any speed

  47. Most vehicles on the road today have a 12 volt DC electrical system. What does "DC" stand for?

  48. Dielectric Circuits
    Diodes Current
    Direct Current
    Direct Circuits

  49. What is the typical small block Chevy cylinder head valves angled at?

  50. 18 degrees
    21 degrees
    22 degrees
    23 degrees