Car Quiz # 1 

How much do you know about car related stuff? Take quiz #1 and find out.


  1. What is the reason for using a torque wrench on a bolt?

  2. Because everybody else does
    To make sure the bolt has the proper stretch
    It makes your car go faster
    All of the above

  3. How many cam lifters are there in an eight-cylinder engine?

  4. 4

  5. What does priority main oiling mean on an engine?

  6. The oil drains down quicker to the oil pan
    The oil passages are larger
    The crankshaft gets oil first
    The camshaft gets oil first.

  7. What is meant by the term Naturally Aspirated?

  8. The engine has a blower on it
    You’re running a turbo charger
    You’re using a carburetor
    Now we’re talking about nitrous oxide

  9. When your engine is being “Sprayed”, what does this mean?

  10. The engine is using a blower
    The engine is using a turbo charger
    The engine is using a carburetor
    The engine is using nitrous oxide

  11. What is meant by the term Timing Retard?

  12. Someone that doesn’t know how to use a timing light
    When you turn the distributor and then tighten it back down
    An electrical device that reduces the timing
    None of the above

  13. By looking at the exhaust only, how do you know if it’s running too rich?

  14. If you can smell too much gas.
    The exhaust will be white
    Flames will be shooting out the back.
    The exhaust will be black.

  15. What is an Underdrive pulley setup?

  16. When the pulley is mounted under the engine
    You are using a larger diameter pulley than normal
    You are using a smaller diameter pulley than normal
    None of the above.

  17. Can a solid roller cam make more power than a flat tappet cam if the two cams have the same specs?

  18. They would both be the same
    It’s the type of material that the cams are made of that make the difference
    The profile of the roller cam can be made more aggressive
    Both B and C.

  19. What’s the difference between a flat tappet and hydraulic lifters?

  20. The flat tappet doesn’t use any moving parts.
    One is flat on the bottom and the other isn’t
    The hydraulic lifters get pumped up with oil.
    Both A and C

  21. What does MSD stand for?

  22. Many Stranded Diodes
    Mini Sized Distributor
    Multiple Shafts Differential
    Multiple Spark Discharge

  23. An axel that has more splines on it is stronger than one that doesn’t?

  24. That's a big yes
    That's a big no
    They would be the same
    What's an axel

  25. What does Floating a Valve mean?

  26. There’s too much gas in the carburetor
    The oil level is too high in the engine
    The transmission valve body is too hot
    The engine was revved too high

  27. What is a rotating assembly?

  28. It’s when the driveshaft is turning
    Flywheel, Transmission, Clutch
    Crank, Rods, Pistons
    Rear-end gears, Axles, Differential

  29. Generally speaking, what makes more horsepower?

  30. Hot damp air
    Hot dry air
    Cold damp air
    Cold dry air

  31. Where is a Stud Girdle used?

  32. In the transmission
    Under the valve covers
    In the rear-end
    On the driveshaft

  33. Four link and pan hard bar are part of what?

  34. Engine
    Rear end

  35. Which rear gear ratio would give you better acceleration?

  36. 3.08

  37. What does Parasitic Drag mean?

  38. Horsepower is being robbed
    There are bugs in the engine
    The timing belt is loose
    The brakes are dragging a small amount

  39. Where is a Wrist Pin located?

  40. Between the rod and piston
    Between the crankshaft and rod
    Between the flywheel and crankshaft
    Between the camshaft and timing gear

  41. When you here the terms Lift and Duration, what would you be talking about?

  42. Crankshaft

  43. When you here the terms Caster and Camber, what would you be talking about?

  44. Crankshaft

  45. When you here the terms Advanced and Retarded, what would you be talking about?

  46. Crankshaft

  47. When you here the terms Thrust Bearing and Forged Steel, what would you be talking about?

  48. Crankshaft

  49. When using braided steel hoses, the hose fittings are called A N fittings. What does A N stand for?

  50. Absolutely Nothing
    Army Navy
    Allen Nuts
    Albert Norquest

  51. The Wing on the back of a car is used for what?

  52. Making the car lighter as it goes down the track
    It creates down force
    It can be used for seating or setting your drink on
    None of the above