33 Coupe Wheel Dollies 1        3/13/03

After putting most of the parts on my chassis, I couldn't move it around my garage. Even having some junk wheels and tires on it, I still couldn't steer it so I needed some way to moving it around. I decided to make something to do just that and here's what I came up with. Wheel dollies!! Something that had 4 swivel casters on each one would do the trick so I made four of them, one for each wheel to sit on. This would make it easy to have one person move it anywhere you want it.

The first step was to weld some tubing together. I used 1 1/4" square tubing with a .110 wall thickness. This should be plenty strong enough to hold my car. Here are the pieces before welding anything. We have two lengths, two at 17" long and four at 11" long. 



First I squared up the tubes and tack welded the four pieces together. Then a final check to make sure they're square and it's time to do some welding.


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