33 Coupe Sketch 1        12/16/03

Painting a car is a BIG decision so I've been giving some thought to what the car might like after I paint it. The only thing is if I don't like it when I'm through, then what am I suppose to do? I can see it in my minds eye what I would like but will it look good when it's done is the question. Now if I could draw anything more than "stick figures", I might be able to get a better idea but because I'm not able to, so I've asked someone who can. 

John at Rodvisions has this kind of talent to make your dreams come true so I had him draw what I had in mind. All you have to do is provide him with as much detail as you can, along with some pictures (if you have them) and he will go to work. John is a very nice guy and works with you on any ideas (good or bad) that you might have. I told him the color and the type of graphics that I wanted and he made it happen. Now he doesn't work for free but this is money WELL spent because if you don't like the paint job after it's on your car, what are you going to do then?? I mean, paint these days isn't cheap so instead of spending thousands of dollars on what you told the guy at the paint and body shop to do and then when you see it for the first time and you hate it, this is the way to go. It's also a good way to present your ideas to them and to your self to what it might look like when it's finished. John also wanted to know what kind of wheels and tires I was going with so he could have them in the finished picture. This sure is a good way of knowing if they're going to look right or not. How cool is that??

Now if you've been following along on this project, you know I have a certain color scheme going on so I wanted to know what it might look like if I had some of these colors on the outside as well. John went to work and did an awesome job for me. Now I know what my car might look like when I'm done.

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