33 Coupe Finished Pictures 1        12/28/05

Shifter Knobs

I've been wondering what I was going to use for a shifter knob for sometime now and then I came across a place that sold different styles of knobs that range from mild to wild. The knobs that you see below are from a company called Flameball and they sell all kinds of shifter knobs. I couldn't decide what style to buy so I bought three different ones to see how they looked and then I was going to return the other two. Once I received them and screwed them in place, I'm still not sure which two I want to send back because they all look good. 

I just knew the orange knob wouldn't match once I tried it but I was wrong. It's very close to the color I have so it looks really good in there. 

The purple one is called Pearl Purple and it has a slight swirl to it (hard to see in this picture) but it's way cool looking. It's also very close to the other purple items that have been anodized so it looks good too. 

The one with the flames on it is called Purple Flame on Ivory. After installing this one, I have to say that it doesn't match much because of the lighter color of the ivory. On the other hand, I like the way it looks with the flames on it when it's in the car. There's just something about flames!! 

You have a choice of thread size that you can choose from and you can also have a light inside if you want. Flameball uses LED's to light up the inside of the knob to show off the cool colors they have. I choose not to have any lights in mine though. One reason was because I would have to run a wire up the shifter and I didn't think that would look very good. 

Now I have to make a decision on which one to keep, and which ones to send back. The guy at Flameball was nice enough to let me buy all three knowing that I was going to send two back so that was nice of them. The problem is, I like them all so I'm not sure which ones I'm gonna send back. I might just keep them all and change them when I feel the need. I guess time will tell.



Here's a shot of the knob with the flames on it. The purple color of the flames are close to the other purple pieces but the lighter color kinda sticks out. I guess I could have picked a different style of knob that still had flames on it but there were so many to choose from. I should have ordered only "one" knob and then I wouldn't have to decide which one to keep or send back. 



I've been driving the car around town for the last couple of days and Christmas day was it's maiden voyage. I took my dad, Jerry, (father-in-law) for the first drive and he loved it. We stopped by Gary's house for a few minutes to say "hi" and after talking with him, Gary said he knew it was me when I was coming down his street. Then we cruised through town one more time before heading back home. Jerry loved the way it puts you in the seat when I made a few quick starts.



This is right in front of my house as we were pulling in and when the rest of the kids heard the car coming, they all wanted a ride too.



This is my daughter Tracey riding with me this time. She seemed to like it by looks of that grin on her face. I didn't scare her too bad because the last thing I need is a ticket. It's not going to be very hard to miss this car coming down the road with that color on it so I have to pick my spots very carefully when I want to play.

I took a few other pictures of it with a little better background so let's take a look at them next.


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