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33 Coupe Having Fun 1       02/23/15

The first car show of the year for me was held at Sunnymead Hamburger's in Moreno Valley, CA. on Saturday, February 14th. Now Valentines Day usually isn't a day that I would attend a car show but my wife was busy with her daughter so I decided to enjoy the nice weather and take a ride in my hotrod.

Speaking of the weather, temps were above 80 degrees here in Southern California, which unfortunately is not what people dealing with freezing conditions really want to hear. Sorry about that!

The show hours ran from 4 to 7 pm and with your entry you received a coupon for an ice cream cone, hot chocolate or coffee. Just about everyone went with the ice cream cone because of the beautiful weather. Now I didn't know what to expect for a turnout because of V day but there was a decent amount of cars that made the show so let's check out most of the ones who made it that day.










I don't remember seeing this Dodge Charger before which was cool to see.






After talking with the owner, he bought the car with the paint like this.



Note the small supercharger under the hood.



The owner keeps notes about his engine on the wheel well.....hmmm!











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